Oh my ex, oh

my exoskeleton,

I owe it to you

who untrue showed

me the cracks but

if you’d had my back

jack if you’d only

had my back I’d still

believe in safety

unsafely dismissing

not even missing

my shell I’d be

unaware of hell.

Prompt: betrayal


I want to say that if I fall

and I expect someday I shall

when you see me crash and burn

take my wings and take your turn


that paper tiger has no roar

face your fear and say “No more”

take up the torch I left for you

I hope you soar because I flew


The prompt this week was pieces, or peace.




we serve

our hearts

in pieces,

potluck style,

tasty dishes

for life’s buffet.




if it’s true,

that thing about

cracks being how

the light gets in,

well then I’m

a supernova

man, I’m bright

from all that light

I let in when

I broke




Soon we’ll be done

you and I and the rest,

resolved at last, long last

to ash on the tongues

of creatures with less

at stake, less to prove

but more sense and senses,

and the rivers and the trees

won’t notice that we’ve gone

because they have always

danced heedlessly along

and they’ll twirl and leap

magnificently still

around the fish and the foxes

that we finally left in peace.


Crack of noon

I wake at the crack of noon, he said,
wincing either from his stale humor
or the truth of waking hungover
at midday, the truth of the sloth
he wore like a sweater in winter.
He began to ramble then,
knowing he should have stopped
long ago, the talking, the drinking,
and the sloth.

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